About Us

Ana Rodriguez Smith–Puerto Rico Real Estate License No.3798

I am, Ana Rodriguez Smith, a veteran of the Palmas Del Mar real estate business since 1988. During that time, I have listed or sold more than 750 homes and condos in Palmas and the surrounding area. I have been  an agent at Marsters Realty, REMAX of Palmas Realty, and most recently VIP Properties in Palmas.  In 2016, I started my own real estate business: “Ana de Palmas Real Estate.” 

Work with Ana De Palmas Real Estate to Sell Your Property:
As the owner of this business, I have direct control of how your property will be marketed. This allows me to advertise you home or condo using both conventional and the newer web based technologies. We do not wait for buyers to call us at Ana De Palmas Real Estate. We seek qualified buyers using the latest web based and social media techniques. Let us show you how we will present your property to the marketplace. Then, let us work hard to market your property!

Work with And de Palmas Real Estate to Buy a Property:
We can show you any property in Palmas Del Mar. Some we have listed, but others we an co-broke with our fellow Palmas Realtors. Call us and tell us your desires. We will comb the market for opportunities and present an array of properties you may be interested in. Buyers that work with us exclusively can save a great deal of time. This is often quite important when you are visiting Palmas Del Mar on vacation, when your time is limited.  Even if you must leave before you can find the property you want, we will continue your search providing you the new options that arise on a regular basis. Once we know your goals, we will work hard to put opportunities in front of you which you would have missed while away from Palmas.

Bilingual Services:
As a Spanish speaker fluent in English, I can help you bridge the language gap. Of course, this is helpful bringing together a buyer or seller of who primarily speak different languages. However, it can be even more helpful, when dealing with appraisers, bankers, lawyers, government officials, inspectors and tradespeople who are required to act before the sale can come to closing.

Post Closing Services:
Often buyers must leave Puerto Rico after the closing with may “loose ends” to deal with from afar. Ana de Palmas Real Estate can offer you, on an hourly  fee  basis, the continuing services and coordination you may need.
Services may include:
• Visiting local government offices.
• Finding experienced tradesmen or seeking quotations for a repair or modification of the property.
• Dealing with Utilities in person.
• Coordinating with homeowners associations.
• Over seeing deliveries to the property.
• Working with insurance or security issues.
• Finding local professional services, such as lawyers and accountants.
• Finding Property Mangement services should you elect to rent your home as a vacation rental. (Please Note: We do not offer full time vacation rental management or marketing services. However, we can consult with you regarding the needs and challenges of entering this market.)